Landscaping Weed Control Fabric  made in General and Professional qualities for small and medium size gardenworks. Usually sold in 10m , 20m and 50m consumer packs and in 100 m commercial Rolls.


Agritextiles  made from woven and or non woven polypropylene used in farms and large parks for weed control and farmscaping. Usually sold in 50m ,100m and 500m commercial Rolls.


Ground Cover  flat  woven polypropylene specially desigen for Weed block and Weed control for Gardand and Parks. Usually sold in 50m and 100m packs


Crop Cover and Frost Cover high quality spunbond non woven fabric made on a double beem non woven Greman machine for climate control. Usually supplies in width of 1.6 m & 3m and Length of 500m & 1000 meter . Also sold in retail packs.


Spun Bond PP Non Woven Fabric   PP Non Woven fabric on German Machine “Reifenhauser” (Reicofil II) Double Beam Plant. We can offer from 15gsm to 150gsm in max width of 3200 mm in various colors.


Geotextile    made from Flat Woven polypropylene used in Road and Drains constructruction .Usually sold in sizes of 4.5 m x 100 and 5.2m x 100m in different weights.


Garden Nets come in various froms with are used as Birdnets , Light persouse Fencing Nets , Ground Reinforcing , Plant supports etcs .


Shade Net and Shade Cloth made from HD PE Knitted Fabric and used in Verious froms like WindBreak , Bird Barriers , Sun Blocks etcs . Usually Sold in Custom Size Retails and 5m x 50m Commercial Packs

Rubber Mat

Rubber Mats  Rowtex supplies a wide range of rubber mats. These Rubber Mats are used for various applications like Machine floor, Electronic Units Base, Horticulture areas as floor tiles and Many other places for Non Slip and Insulation needs.

Big Bag

Big Bags and FIBC    made from Woven , Non woven and or with Poly liner designed to carry large bulks  of products.


Jute Fabrics Jute Geo-textile is being used as a reliable material for protection of slopes of  roads and rivers. Jute is an ecofrendly fabric and is also used as weedblock.